Almost 17,000 People Accept Jesus Christ at Mbale “Back to God” Mission

Oct 2, 2015 2239

Mbale outreach

People listening intently at one of the Mbale mission locations.

Good News Unlimited has partnered with African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE), Uganda, to conduct a major gospel mission in MBale, in Eastern Uganda during 4 – 13 September, 2015. Almost 17,000 people from all walks of life accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour during this major multi-site regional mission.

Good News Unlimited contributed to the mission with copies of Jesus Only  books in the Luganda language, as well as the GNU Choir. Such was the demand for the choir that it had to divide into a boys’ choir and a girls’ choir in order to be able to sing in different locations simultaneously. Moses Lukwago, the choir leader, was our representative at the mission. I have heard it on the grapevine that he also got to do a bit of preaching!


The GNU Choir sings out the gospel at the Mbale “Back to God” Mission.

African Enterprise is an interdenominational ministry that exists to evangelise Africa. This was GNU’s first involvement with African Enterprise, and GNU was very much the junior partner in this mission, however we look forward to working more and more together for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

African Enterprise have provided this full report on the Mbale “Back to God” mission, for us to share with you, with their permission. I hope you get excited as you read it! Click on this link… Mbale Back to God Mission report 2015.

– Eliezer Gonzalez


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