An Entire Family Accepts Jesus – Moturu, India

Aug 3, 2018 1763

An Entire Family Accepts Jesus – Moturu, India

They family now has peace and joy.

In the village of Moturu, India, a whole family has had their lives transformed through discovering the Gospel of Jesus.

It all started when they began watching the GNU TV programme. Although they were Hindu, the programme and the message caught their attention, and they started watching regularly.

At this point, their family lives were not in a good place. They were experiencing many problems. The parents were having a hard time dealing with their children. None of them had any sense of peace.

But as they watched the programme, and God spoke to their hearts through the message they heard, they lives started to change. They regained a sense of peace. They experienced joy. They accepted Jesus into their lives.


The message caught their attention, and they started watching regularly


Pr Joseph, who hosts the programme, also holds prayer meetings. Because of the programme, they decided to start coming to the prayer meetings, where they now regularly meet with fellow believers. At the prayer meetings, they were given a Bible, which they read every day.

Nagendra, the father, says,

My family and I were born Hindu and we have worshipped snakes and idol gods. So by the grace of God now we are happy and my family has accepted Jesus. We had many, many problems with my son and my daughters. When I accepted Jesus all these problems were solved and we are so happy now. Thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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