As a Christian You’re Called to be Remarkable

Sep 25, 2017 2018

As a Christian You're Called to be Remarkable

God calls us to be remarkable! That means that people will remark about how you stand out from the crowd, but for all the right reasons.

I don’t know what it is about the last 100 years or so, when many Christians seem to have accepted the lie that they haven’t contributed much to the world.

It seems to have happened in the 19th century, when thinkers such as Marx and Darwin took society’s focus away from God and put it on humanity. Listening to some of the intellectual heirs, you’d think that Christianity has contributed nothing to this world, and that it is just another superstition that holds civilisation back. It’s as if 2000 years of Christian culture in the west has contributed nothing to this world.

The reality is very different. Throughout history, it’s been Christians who have been the explorers, pioneers, the innovators, the creators, and those who have forged ahead to new horizons.

We shouldn’t ignore the dark stains of the west’s Christian civilisation. No human endeavour in history has ever been all good or all bad. However, those blots on history due to Christian errors don’t overshadow the advances.

The idea of the individual is a Christian idea, the whole idea of human rights is a Christian idea. The idea of equal rights for men and women was originally a Christian idea. The abolition of slavery came through Christianity. The idea of universal public schooling is a Christian idea. The first hospitals were a Christian invention. The idea of the university is a Christian invention as well. The originator of every single branch of modern science was a Bible-believing Christian. Arguably, most, if not all, of those landmarks of western civilisation would not have come about without Christianity.

When You Have the Assurance of Salvation, Your Potential is Limitless!

All of these things happened – in effect the establishment of western civilisation – because of Christians who believed the words of 1 Peter 2:9:

…you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light (NIV).

They believe that God has called us to be remarkable: people who represent the Kingdom of Heaven right here in this world.

So, don’t let the world get you down. Don’t be oppressed or suppressed by age or what people say about you or by your past, or about Christianity itself. You have been called to be remarkable, together with every child of God.

Think about it. If you have the assurance of salvation, if you know that you’re going to live forever, then all bets are off, aren’t they? Your potential is limitless!

This means that you can be remarkable, and you can be remarkable starting today.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are as a follower of Jesus Christ. Get out there and change the world for good!

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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