Beach Excursion Brings the Gospels Alive for Children

Sep 14, 2016 1538


The village children after their first ever dip in the sea! They look a bit cold, don’t they?

Pastor Joseph uses Bible stories, such as the miracles of Jesus, to teach reading and writing to the children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre. These are wonderful stories, but it’s rather difficult to imagine Jesus calming the stormy seas when the only bodies of water you’ve ever seen in your life are the tiny village pond and stream.

Pr Joseph’s story for the day was taken from Luke 8:22-25. He painted what he thought was a great word picture—towering waves, raging wind, the boat nearly capsizing, Jesus asleep in the prow of the boat—but he could see that the children were less than impressed. After all, although the children lived what to us would be a drive away from the seashore, people in their village are so poor that they usually die without ever travelling that far.


Pr Joseph blessing the children with prayer at the seashore, where the stories of Jesus came alive for them!

So Pr Joseph paused. “Have you ever seen the sea like in Jesus’ story?” he asked. Little heads moved slowly from side to side and the blank looks remained.

A more fundamental question came to his mind. “Have you ever seen the ocean?” he probed. Again the sea of little heads shook, this time a little sadly. “Then I’ll take you!” said Pastor Joseph. They reacted like children anywhere, with joy, excitement and anticipation, every day reminding Pastor Joseph of his promise.

So the Good News Children’s Care Centre went on its first excursion: to the beach. For the first time they felt the sand between their toes, saw the waves crashing along the shoreline. Now they could imagine Jesus walking on the water, understand a little better the power needed to calm those waves. They saw the fishing boats bobbing on the water, saw the fishermen throwing their nets. Just as when he was on earth, Jesus did real things to help real people, so now Jesus is just as real even though they cannot see him. What a great lesson on a beautiful beach!

Let’s hear from the children:

Radhika: It was the first time I’ve seen the seashore and it was so wonderful to see it. Jesus has done great miracles on the sea. So I believe in Jesus with all my heart and soul.

Nagaraju: I had never seen the seashore in my life. So it is because of the Good News Children’s Care Centre I could see it and understand more about Jesus.

Dugra: I had not heard about Jesus before coming to the Good News Children’s Care Centre. But when I came to the children’s centre I came to know about Jesus and it was wonderful to see the seashore.

– Ella Rodionoff

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