Believe Your Beliefs and Doubt Your Doubts

Apr 15, 2015 3185

By Des Ford


The Christian has not yet been glorified. He or she every day does battle with selfishness and sin. And doubts remain. We cry with the father in the New Testament: “Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief.”

Every day we hear or see the multiple evidences of the overwhelming sorrow of the world. Our planet is a vast lazar house and nobody escapes pain.

There are many things we should remember. If the Biblical teaching of a loving heavenly Father is only a myth and life is meaningless, we could never have come to that point of understanding. Let me illustrate.

We would never know darkness unless we first knew light. Suppose there was no light and we had no eyes, then the word ‘dark’ would have no meaning. It is because we know the reality of God and good that we feel the intensity of darkness and pain.

The poet Housman asked, “What brute and blackguard made the world?” Well, the answer, Mr Housman, is that the One who made the world made your brain and your standard of what is right and good. Every accusation is built on a standard, and our standard came from him who made us.

If my brain is the result of the play of meaningless atoms in time and space, I have no grounds to trust its conclusions. No one yet has ever answered the question: Whence came thought? If thought matches reality there had to be an infinite and wise Creator who gave us consciousness.

But if our thoughts are the result of chance then we should no more trust their conclusions than we should expect the splash of an accidental jug spilling to give us a map of Australia. I am quoting C.S. Lewis and I recommend his books to you. Begin with Screwtape Letters and your laughter will dispel any threatening gloom.

Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts. Never doubt your beliefs and believe your doubts. Never let what you do not understand destroy what you do understand.

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