Beth and Goran Recommit Their Lives to Jesus

Jan 19, 2015 2126

Beth Ferrer being baptised 27 December 2014Beth Ferrer, from Quezon City in the Philippines, and Goran Cvetkovic from the Gold Coast, Australia were baptised by Eliezer Gonzalez on 27 December 2014. Lots of beautiful things descended from heaven that afternoon – love, peace, and joy – and lots of rain!

Beth met Goran on an on-line dating site. They began communicating through Skype, and they also began sharing something else – gospel messages on video on the GNU website. Across the miles, they were able to watch the messages of good news of Jesus Christ together. As their friendship deepened, so too their love for the gospel was renewed.

When Beth recently visited Australia, Beth and Goran decided to be rebaptised and they asked Eliezer Gonzalez to perform the ceremony. Beth had been baptised in a Christian church in the Philippines as a young woman, but decades of abuse in various forms had literally beaten the joy of salvation out of her. Goran had also been baptised previously, but in his heart he knew that he had drifted away from God.

Beth said, “I needed to reconnect with God and start my life again. Goran chimed in, “and so did I! Previously I felt a real separation from God, but now I can see the gates of heaven.”

Goran continued, “Good News Unlimited really helped. Especially in terms of the gospel. All of your messages are about the gospel. Nowhere have I found such wisdom about the gospel as in Good News Unlimited.”

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