The Big Question 25: What is the Kingdom of God?

Oct 10, 2018 2598

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What is the Kingdom of God?

I’m a dual citizen. I have both Australian citizenship and Spanish citizenship. (Triple if you count the Kingdom of God.)

In Spain they have compulsory national military service when you turn 18. I grew up in Australia, and years ago, when I turned 18 I went to my local doctor here and got a medical certificate to exempt me from military service on the basis of my one kidney and my dodgy left eye. So, I’m not a very good Spaniard, am I? I’m more Aussie than anything else.

As followers of Jesus, we always have a kind of dual citizenship. We have our earthly citizenship here on earth, but our highest level of citizenship is in heaven, in the Kingdom of God.

Christians believe that there is a spiritual realm to existence that is as real as the physical realm with which we interact through our physical senses.

The kingdom of God means the rule of God over all who accept his love. It’s a place of acceptance and love and deliverance from evil.

So, where is it?

The Kingdom of God is a both a spiritual reality and a physical reality at the same time. You can’t see it or touch it with your physical senses, but in the future, we know that it’ll be a physical reality here too.

But for now, we discern it spiritually. That means that it’s in you and all around you. You are literally in the Kingdom of God, wherever you are, when you believe in Jesus Christ.

And that’s the only way to enter the Kingdom of God: to accept and believe in Jesus. When you do that, your past is wiped clean, which the Bible calls being “born again,” and you enter the Kingdom of God.

Just because the kingdom of God is spiritual, that doesn’t mean it has nothing to do with this world and how we should live. Jesus calls us to live according to the values of his kingdom, which are very different to the values of this world. Jesus demonstrated them in his life: compassion, humility and love.

What the Gospel is, is the announcement that the Kingdom of God is here, and that anyone can enter it, because of the victory of Jesus at the Cross.

And when you have entered it, you can say that you’re a citizen of heaven, and that’s the best thing in the world to be able to say!

The Big Question 25: What is the Kingdom of God?
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