The Big Question 39: Why Do Christians Go On About Faith So Much?

Mar 18, 2019 1599

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Why do Christians go on about faith so much?

When I was a little kid, just six years old, I had lots of scary nightmares. I thought there were monsters waiting for me in dark corners. My teachers noticed changes in my behaviour, so the principal rang my parents to have a little chat with them. I was sent to be assessed by professionals, who ran me through lots of tests. The diagnosis: an overactive imagination.

Some people think that believing in God is just like believing in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny – just an overactive imagination.

I grew out of that, and I hope that my life is grounded on reality now. But when I believed in that stuff as a tiny kid, I lived in fear. I was scared witless. Here’s the point: What you believe to be true determines how you experience life.

That’s why Christians talk so much about faith. The fact that they see reality in a certain way means that their experience of life is transformed. And it’s so good, that it’s hard to stop talking about it. So what are some of the key things that followers of Jesus believe that transforms their world?

Faith means that you believe you are loved and accepted by your Father in heaven. God has shown you what he thinks about you at the Cross. Your sins are forgiven and eternal life is yours. You don’t need to derive your idea of how acceptable or important you are from what others reflect back at you. You get to live with freedom and joy.

Faith means that you believe that you don’t need to live your life in weakness, but that instead, God had given you power to overcome the challenges of life. When you believe that your best friend gave his all, even his life, and conquered death, and that he did it all for you, can there really be anything that can stand in your way?

Faith means you believe that because of Jesus Christ, you get to win in the end. And that means you can have peace and assurance in your life. Yes, you’ll feel stressed out at times, and you’ll go through sadness and mourning. But at the bedrock of your life will be Jesus and his victory, and with him, you’ll get through it all.

Faith is how we connect with God. Faith is how we can see and understand spiritual realities that are beyond our physical senses. Faith is what gets us through. And all those are reasons are why Christians talk so much about faith.

The Big Question 39: Why Do Christians Go On About Faith So Much?
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