The Big Question 77: Why Aren’t We Getting More Miracles Today?

Sep 1, 2021 1966

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Why aren’t we getting more miracles today?

When you read the stories in the Bible, you get the impression that miracles are happening all the time. So, why don’t we see miracles now, and if you believe that we do, then why aren’t they so frequent?

I think that we have a wrong idea about miracles in the Bible. We think that back then they happened all the time.

They didn’t. If you read the Bible through, it looks as if miracles were happening all the time in the past. But that’s not how it was at all.

First of all, just think about what a miracle is. It’s a supernatural event. That word “supernatural” tells you that it happens outside the course of events or even the laws of nature.

There were often long periods of time – many hundreds of years – in which no miracles are recorded as having happened. The time between the Old and New Testament is a case in point. But there are many others.

Actually, for the great majority of the period covered by the Bible, we have no record of any miracles. An example is the gap of approximately 400 years between the time covered by the Old and New Testaments, during which there were no prophets and no miracles recorded. And there are many other such periods also.

God tends to use miracles to announce specific events in salvation history. That’s why you mainly see miracles happening in clusters throughout the Bible, and not all the time. Of course, there was a huge outbreak of miracles associated with the ministry of Jesus and the establishment of the early Christian church.

Here’s the thing about miracles. We shouldn’t expect them. If you expected them to happen all the time, they wouldn’t be miracles, would they? They’d be the norm! The reason why miracles were recorded is because they were so extraordinary and unusual, otherwise they wouldn’t have been miracles, just common, everyday events.

In fact, the Christian faith tells us that now we are in a time when suffering is normal, and it looks forward with hope and joy to new heavens and a new earth, to a time when all evil will be fully miraculously destroyed.

It’s important to realise is that Christianity isn’t about performing miracles. Christianity is about trusting in Jesus.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t miracles today. There are probably more miracles around the world than we realise.

After all you only tend see what you look for, and the materialistic, evolutionary world-view prevalent today is blind to God and his work. So, when all is said and done, I believe that God is still on the throne and he can do whatever he likes… and that includes miracles.

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