Buffalo and Goat Herder Finds Jesus – Venanapudi, India

Apr 2, 2018 1663

Buffalo and Goat Herder Finds Jesus – Venanapudi, India

Naga Bagymma shares her testimony at a prayer meeting.

Naga Bagymma, a buffalo and goat herder, has accepted Jesus into her life after hearing the Gospel preached in her village.

Naga Bagymma grew up in a Hindu family. From a young age it was her job to look after her family’s animals. When she grew up, she married a man who owned many animals, and started spending her days looking after goats and buffaloes.

Naga Bagymma’s life was fairly predictable. Each day she would go and look after the animals, and at night she would come home. But one day something out of the ordinary happened. A group of people came to her village of Venanapudi, India, and started talking about Jesus. Soon they started building a prayer hall and holding Gospel meetings there.


“By the grace of God, I have heard about Jesus in my village”


It was Pr Joseph and GNU’s evangelism team in India that came to Naga Bagymma’s village. She noticed that they started coming every Saturday to hold prayer meetings, share the Gospel and feed the poor elderly people in the village.

So one Saturday Naga Bagymma she left the goats and buffaloes and came to the prayer meeting. Here she heard about Jesus and accepted him into her life. Now her husband and family have also accepted Jesus.

Naga Bagymma says,

I was a Hindu my whole life and had never heard about Jesus. But by the grace of God, I have heard about Jesus in my village. When I entered the prayer hall my whole life changed and God saved me. The powerful Word of God touched my heart and as I do my work I praise and give thanks to God daily.

– Ella Rodionoff

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