God Provides a Building For The Children of Nandiwada

Nov 7, 2016 1322

The children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre have now moved into their new building! God has provided this building through a series of amazing miracles.

GNCCC Children Praying

The children of the Good News Children’s Care Centre Have Learnt to Pray.

If you’ve been following the story of the children’s centre, you will know that it began in a rented room in Nandiwada, India, a village of “untouchables”. The children in this village didn’t go to school, and they were so poor that they survived by catching and eating rats and snakes.

When Pr Joseph heard about the very poor Hindu people living there, he started the centre, giving the children food, helping them with school, and teaching them about the Gospel. By the end of the first year 35 children were attending, and many of them had accepted Jesus into their lives. Good News Unlimited has supported the Children’s Centre from the beginning.


The building takes shape.

You may also remember the story of the Hindu man from the village who was so touched by what the centre was doing for the children, he donated land so that they could have their own building. The community, in turn, was so grateful for this opportunity that they came together and for three days worked to clear the land before rainy season set in. Construction soon began, but halted for lack of funds. In the meantime the children had been meeting in a shed on the same land.


The small shed where they used to meet had to be demolished.

This year, 25 new children have joined the centre, most of them from Hindu families, who have never heard of the Gospel. Through the centre many of the children and their families have come to accept Jesus as their Saviour. The number of children was soon stretching the shed beyond capacity!


The roof goes up.

The Good News TV programme has also been bringing many people to that shed in Nandiwada. The building was soon overflowing with people who travelled and gathered to hear more about the message of hope they had heard on their TVs. They made the bold decision to knock down the shed, and to push ahead with building a new one that would hold more than 100 people.

The new building would also have a new name! A lady called Maria Martinez heard about this project on Facebook and donated money to the centre. It is now officially called the Maria E Martinez Good News Children’s Care Centre.

Now, the entire operation of the children’s centre has moved into the new building. Although not entirely finished, it is now fit for use. The three-room building has its walls, floor, roof and plastering completed. The weekly prayer meeting is now also held in this new venue.

Some work on the building still remains to be completed. The rooms need to be painted, doors and windows need to be put in, and the bathroom is not ready. The building is also awaiting electricity and running water. But the children have faith that God will continue to bless this project and that it will soon be completed.

We can see the power the Gospel of Jesus changing our lives.

Sudhar Rao and Laksmi, whose children go to the centre, say,

It is only through this Good News Centre that many, many families are hearing about Jesus, accepting him into their lives, and changing their way of life. In the beginning we didn’t have much hope about how this centre could help us and our village. But as this centre grows day by day, we have come to know more about Jesus, through our children and from Pastor Joseph. We have been watching the weekly TV program and it is changing our lives also. This centre is a great help for the families in Nandiwada. We can see the power of the Gospel of Jesus changing our lives, and we thank Jesus for it.

Lakshmi Durga, who is 13 years old, and who attends the centre, says,

I am so happy here in the Good News Children’s Care Centre. I have come to love Jesus here, and I am learning many things about the holy Gospel. I like to pray for everybody who is a part of the Good News Children’s Care Centre, and for all the people around the world who have helped us.

– Ella Rodionoff


Nov 13, 2016

To God Be The Glory.

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