Christian Life Article Issues From 25 – 32

Sep 19, 2014 1430

Series of Christian Life article issues written by Dr Desmond Ford

Issue No 25

christian life25

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Title: The Reality of Evil

No Christian need be ashamed of affirming that the doctrine of human depravity gives the only true explanation for human sorrow and folly.

Issue No 26

christian life26

Title: Why Do We Never Learn?

Though I first heard the words nearly fifty years ago, they still ring in my mind. There in tropical North Queensland, the land of crocodiles and monsoons, sharks and cyclones, sweaty bare feet and boys who often ran wild like animals, I emerged imperceptibly into my contemporary heathen society.

Issue No 27

christian life27

Title: Reflections Of A Cyclist

C. S. Lewis had the habit of deflating the ego of his readers. On one occasion he wrote: “If anyone will take the trouble to think back upon the thoughts he or she has thought in the previous ten minutes, and to analyze them, it will be surprising how much garbage will be found.”

Issue No 28

christian life28

Title: Think and Thank

You have heard the deffinition of an atheist: a person who, at death, is all dressed up but has no place to go. I have often thought of the incongruity of an atheist’s daily life. What does an atheist do when glad about things, but has no one to thank?

Issue No 29

christian life29

Title: Lives Transfigured By His Presence 1

Some Christians are called to practice the presence of God in singleness. Corrie ten Boom was one such Christian. Though she was a sickly child, she came from a strong family that loved the Bible and cared about people.

Issue No 30

christian life30

Title: Lives Transfigured By His Presence 2

During World WarII, Corrie ten Boom’s life was miraculously spared during an airraid. The ten Boom family was involved in the Dutch underground and worked to save the lives of persecuted Jews.

Issue No 31

christian life31

Title: Lives Transfigured By His Presence 3

Corrie ten Boom continued to practice the presence of God even after she was betrayed. Because of her underground activities, she was sent to prison and then to the notorious Ravensbruck concentration camp. Through the ministry of her sister Betsie she learned to give thanks in all things.

Issue No 32

christian life32

Title: Lives Transfigured By His Presence 3

In Ravensbruck, Corrie ten Boom’s sister, Betsie, made a prophecy then died. When Corrie was released, Betsie’s prophecy came true.Corrie helped rehabilitate camp victims, and traveled the world preaching the gospel.

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