Daily Devotion 65

May 30, 2014 1771

My master was too easy on Naaman . . . I will run after him and get something from him” ( 2 Kings 5:20).

Elisha had refused to be rewarded by Naaman, after he had been God’s agent in healing the military officer’s leprosy. Gehazi viewed such generosity as wasted on a foreigner. ‘May as well get something from him myself,’ he thought. God’s gifts to human kind are gifts; there’s no charge. In the wisdom of the world, this is rank foolishness; there’s no free lunch. Men and women who accept the grace of Christian service ought to do everything possible to guard this truth in order that the good news not be muddled or corrupted. To turn the gospel message into a tool for mercenary objectives is no trivial sin. As surely as Naaman’s disease settled on Gehazi’s flesh, those who follow his bad example partake of Naaman’s paganism.

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