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Apr 15, 2015 1220

“They got up at once and returned to Jerusalem” (Luke 24:33).

Good news is energising! These disciples had just recognised their risen Lord. They had trudged the eleven sad kilometers all the way from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus, and they would normally have been tired. But now they returned to Jerusalem that same night as though their feet had wings.

The other thing about good news is that it needs to be shared. They had a wonderful message to share: death had been conquered by life. This is a wonderful end to this special story of the resurrection. The Christian gospel is for sharing. It’s not something that can be kept secret.

Imagine the joy of that walk back to Jerusalem! They had a spring in their steps, they probably encouraged each other to go faster, and you can imagine they might have got a little out of breath as they discussed every detail of their conversation on the road with the stranger who had revealed himself as their risen Lord.

That moment of recognition of the living Jesus would remain with them and sustain their lives forever.

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