Daily Good News – Nobody Comes to Jesus Dressed in Their Sunday Best

Jun 30, 2015 1280


“After they crucified him, they divided up his clothes among them by drawing lots” (Matthew 27:35).

The idea that Jesus at the cross wore a modesty cloth to cover his loins is a medieval invention to avoid the fact that at the cross, Jesus was naked. The whole point of crucifixion was to so humiliate and dishonour a man that no one would follow his example.

It is interesting how often the Bible mentions that you need to change clothes when you come to God. From Adam and Eve, Moses, Aaron, Joshua the High Priest, the demoniac by the lake, and others – all of these stories talk about changing clothes when you come before God. At some stage you have to get naked before him.

Everyone who comes to God in faith must leave his or her clothes at the foot of the cross. That’s what the terrorist did. That’s even what Jesus did. Jesus sacrificed himself, without a stitch of worldly pride, worldly ambition, or selfishness – the spotless Lamb of God. Jesus didn’t need those clothes to be the Saviour of the World, and neither did the terrorist beside him need them to enter into salvation.

Many people don’t come to Jesus today, because they are waiting to feel that they are properly dressed. They think they are not sufficiently well-dressed. But Jesus was naked at the cross. And he did it so that no one could ever possibly have any excuse for coming to him.

So come to Jesus now. Come to Jesus today. Because nobody ever comes to Jesus wearing their Sunday best.


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