Daily Good News – Recognising the Truth

Jun 14, 2015 1190

After Jesus ascended into heaven the apostles “all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers” (Acts 1:13-14).

Jesus’ mother, and his brothers, accepted their son and brother as a great miracle-working prophet, but they did not believe he was God in the flesh until after his resurrection and ascension. That’s when their eyes were fully opened as to who he really was.

Familiarity often breeds contempt. True, Jesus was a special son who never revealed a bad side to his nature, but to think that he was God, living with them all those years, was a bit too much for them to swallow. But when he rose from the dead, as he had predicted, and then ascended into heaven, they could no longer deny his divinity.

Some people, like Jesus’ family, need time when presented with the truth. Don’t write them off just because they are resistant to spiritual realities. Be patient with them. The Spirit of God will change their hearts over time.


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