Deep Roots

Feb 3, 2017 2086

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Deep Roots

What does it take to develop a deep relationship with your friends, spouse or children?

In my experience, the key is spending quality time together.

Jesus told a story about a farmer who sowed some seed. Some seedlings came up quickly, but when the sun got hot, they dried up and died. Why? Because their roots didn’t go down deep enough.

There are people who get excited by Jesus’ message, but then their faith shrivels up and dies.

What does it take to develop deep roots in your relationship with Jesus? It takes quality time with him. And that means making time to pray, read his Word, offer worship, and serve others.

As you experience the assurance of his love, and the satisfaction and joy Jesus brings, you’ll start to grow strong roots that will keep you steady in your relationship with God, no matter what life brings.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Deep Roots

It takes quality time to develop deep roots in your relationship with Jesus.

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