From Despair to Deep Joy – Rajendra Nagar, India

Apr 2, 2018 6727

From Despair to Deep Joy – Rajendra Nagar, India

Naga Ratnam shares her testimony at a Gospel meeting.

Naga Ratnam’s life has turned from a state of despair to overflowing joy and purpose since discovering the Good News of the Gospel through the GNU TV programme in India.

Naga Ratnam is from the village of Rajendra Nagar, India, where she lives alone. Her family as it used to be is gone – she lost her husband, and her sons moved far away to study. So lived out her life, working part time as a nurse, having lost all sense of purpose.

To add to this, Naga Ratnam’s life was full of many problems, and she was under incredible stress. She was also terribly depressed, with no sense of hope for the future.

But one day everything changed. She turned on the TV and found herself watching the GNU TV programme. Something stirred inside her as she listened to the message that spoke hope into her dark world.


The intense sadness inside her began to slip away


She started to watch the GNU TV programme regularly. She learned about the Gospel and about God’s love for her. She discovered that God has a plan for her life, and that she can find purpose and meaning in him. The intense sadness inside her began to slip away.

Naga Ratnam accepted Jesus and now her life has completely changed. She is now actively involved in spreading the Gospel with people in the surrounding villages. She has a sense of purpose now. And she is full of joy.

She says,

In my trouble and difficulties God helped me by leading me to watch the GNU TV programme. The programme helped a lot in my life and I will never forget that. Now I love to do God’s work by spreading holy Gospel. God is so great and he helps me in my work. We pray for GNU to spread the holy Gospel all around.

– Ella Rodionoff

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