The Dragnet and the Good Samaritan – Dr Des Ford

Jan 5, 2018 1150

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Jan 7, 2018

Thank you, Margie. You are very welcome to visit as much as you like. You can also sign up for our daily devotionals by email - a large number are by Dr Ford. Thank you for your encouragement in ministry! Grace and peace - Eliezer Gonzalez

Margie Knap

Jan 7, 2018

I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Ford's teachings. Having listened to him on KARI radio for a long time on Sat. mornings, I have just realized I can find much on the net. What do I appreciate about his messages? They are incredibly practical! The application is always poignant and there is usually more than one! Thank you for your wonderful ministry. I shall be a regular to the web site.

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