Evangelist Emma Praising the Lord Before Sharing the Gospel

Jan 27, 2016 1302

African praise is special praise! I asked Evangelist Emma what this video was about, and she replied:

Before I Start I always sing for the Lord in a soft voice praising the Lord Jesus and thanking Him for His mercy. It says like This: “Hallelujah Amen. Thank God because He loved us. Halleluyah Amen!”

This was filmed on my Gospel trip to Gakenke at the Gakenke “Jesus Only” Gospel Fellowship lead by Pastor Nsangiranabo Jean Nepomuscene and His wife Uwitonze Vestine…

Enjoy the beautiful, natural, Rwandan voices as they praise the Lord in this short video. Notice the Bibles and Jesus Only books, ready at hand. – Eliezer Gonzalez

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/emma.ingabire/videos/10208111587243025/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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