Fathers and Sons

Dec 24, 2014 2052

Father and sonThe other day was a good day (24 December 2014). It was the day that my wife measured my 15 year old son against the pantry door and drew a line that definitively proved that he was now taller than his father. And at 15, he still has a chance to really outgrow me!

Every father wishes the best for his son. Every father hopes that his son will grow up to be a better man than he is – healthier, stronger, wiser, more faith and Spirit-filled, and loving God above all else…

…and in my case… taller.

The fact that my son is now officially taller than me is just an indication that my other higher hopes for him can also be fulfilled.

Sure, I protested vigorously when my wife and son announced that he was not taller than me! Sure, I asked for the measurements to be taken again! Sure, I would like to be taller!

But I am reminded of the words of John the Baptist, when referring to Christ, he said,

He must increase, but I must decrease. – John 3:30

It is like that for fathers and sons, and I am glad of it.

It is most certainly like that for Christ and me, and I am even gladder about that.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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