Finding Freedom in Prison – Donetsk, Ukraine

Jun 15, 2017 1050

Finding Freedom in Prison - Donetsk, Ukaine

Leonid (right) is happy he has made the decision to be baptised.

I am 59 years old but I first became interested in God when I was about 25. I liked to read esoteric literature, science fiction, and books about religion. I believed in the supernatural, the invisible. My parents were atheist, so when I started learning about spiritual things, my father would ask me to share with him what I had learned.

I became seriously interested in God two years ago when I was put into prison. I was given a copy of the New Testament and I began learning about the nature of God. I started remembering many times in my life when God had called me to himself through different circumstances and people. Once, he saved my life in an accident where I flipped off the road into the edge of the forest but did not run into any trees and did not even have a scratch my car.

When I began studying the New Testament, I was filled with this very strong idea to study and then preach the Gospel. Then I had a dream where I saw the stone tablets with God’s 10 commandments and written in capital letters were the words: GOD LOVES YOU.

I feel that God draws me to himself all the time. In prison I heard that there were Bible study courses being held by a GNU pastor. I started attending. No one had ever offered to study the Bible with me before, and it was such a good opportunity. Full of joy, I would look forward to those classes.  

I now have confidence in the future

Two months ago I decided to do something really good in my life. I decided to follow Jesus and renew my relationship with God by being born again in baptism. Since then the Scriptures have become more interesting, more clearly revealed to me. I now have confidence in the future. I want to repent for everything I have done wrong and ask God for forgiveness.

What I am certain of is that I did not come to this prison by chance. There was a higher purpose. I came so I could make friends with God.

– Leonid (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)

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