Finding Jesus In the Living Room – Moturu, India

Jun 14, 2018 1713

Finding Jesus In the Living Room – Moturu, India

Bala Raj (left) is presented with a gift by Pr Joseph, when gifts were given to church members who accepted Jesus recently.

Bala Raj was watching TV one day when his life changed. He had come across the GNU TV programme where he heard about Jesus and discovered a message that preached hope into his life.

At this time, Bala Raj’s life wasn’t in a good place. He was facing many problems, including multiple ones with his family and home life. On top of that, he was unemployed, and although he went many places looking for a job, he was unable to find one.

It was at this time in his life that Bala Raj started watching the GNU TV programme. As he listened, his heart was touched by the message, and moved by the Word of God that he heard. He started watching the programme regularly. It was right there, in front of the TV where he first heard the message, that Bala Raj gave his life to Jesus.


His heart was touched by the message


After this, Bala Raj went to the prayer hall in Moturu, India, where Gospel meetings are held. He went to hear more about Jesus, and he also met with other believers. It was here he met Pr Joseph, who hosts the GNU TV programme.

In the time that followed, Bala Raj was able to buy an auto rickshaw, which he now drives, which gives him a source of income. His family problems have also been solved. He says,

By watching the GNU TV programme my life has changed. It is the powerful Word of God which I heard. Now I am so happy and glad, as is my family. I have been doing well. Thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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