She Tried Everything, Then Found the Gospel! – Dondapadu, India

Jun 9, 2016 1387


Bagam has found peace in the gospel.

Bagam, a Muslim, tried everything in desperation until she found the Gospel through GNU.  If you were to wander around the streets of Dondapadu and nearby Gudivada in the Andhra Pradesh province of India, you’d find many places of worship. Bagam’s search for peace took her to several of them.

Bagam grew up in a Muslim family. She was Muslim as were her husband and two daughters. However, they had extensive family problems, which caused Bagam much grief. To add to all this, they were very poor. She wanted peace in her life and for her family but found no relief in her faith. In her desperation, she even started going to Hindu temples secretly, but they provided no peace either.

However, one day as she was watching TV she came across the GNU TV programme. Hearing the Gospel preached, she finally saw hope for her situation. She contacted Pr Joseph, asking him to pray for her. She shared with him her family problems and he told her about Jesus. He also gave her a copy of the Bible, telling her to read it daily.

Bagam has now accepted Jesus into her life. Her family problems have stopped, and they have finally found the peace she was seeking. She continues to watch the GNU TV programme every week.

Overjoyed to have found the Gospel, Bagam says,

When I was Muslim I did not have peace of life in my family and I was praying to God to know what to do. Even my grandparents and my mother and father are Muslims. When I shared about my family life to my mother she said to pray to Allah. I prayed day and night, but in my family life, there was no change. Then without my parents and husband knowing, I went to a Hindu Idol temple. But I still had no peace of life.  

One day I happened to see the Good News message preached. When I had heard the full message I decided to call Pastor Joseph and then he prayed. Now I am happy and my family members are happy. I am so much thankful to Jesus who is the real God.

– Ella Rodionoff

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