From Consuming Anger to Uncontainable Joy – Naredepalli, India

Aug 3, 2018 1890

From Consuming Anger to Uncontainable Joy – Naredepalli, India

Siva Lingaya shares his testimony.

Siva Lingaya is a young man who, because he is handicapped, was angry with God for many years. But he recently accepted Jesus into his life through watching the GNU TV programme, and now he is so happy. Here is an interview I did with him, where he shared his testimony:

How are you?

I am 29 years old and not married.

Could you tell me about your family?

My parents are Hindus and every year they do idol worship. The main occupation in my family is sheep farming. Every year my family and the people in my village do 6 festivals and offer sheep as bloodshed offerings.

How did you become handicapped?

I was born as a normal baby. Due to lack of medicines when I was 6 years old I got Polio. I was very sad and my parents were sad. They took me to many hospitals but it was no use.


“If God is there why should my life be like this?”


What was your experience during your school days?

When I was 5 years old my parents sent me to school. But when I got Polio I stopped for two years and only after that went back.

At school I was so sad because all the children were well and they would play and run and jump, but I would just sit on the desk and not go out and play. At that time I was thinking about God and I thought that there was no God and I was so angry with God. So I could not believe in idol gods. If God is there why should my life be like this? So I hated God. I was so depressed and my life during my school days was not at all happy. But I was studying well.

I would argue with my teachers and parents and with people in the village that there is no God and do not speak about God. And I stopped going to the Hindu festivals too. My parents used to scold me and get very angry with me. Then later they left me and after my school studies I went to get a higher education at college.

What was your life at college like?

During my college studies I was so angry and depressed. Whoever met me and talked to me I asked about God. I used to tell everyone there is no God at all. If God were there I would not be like this. So my life went on like that. Many people, including many of my friends, did not like me because of the way I was talking and arguing with them. After three years I completed my college studies and went home.

After finishing college, what did you do?

My uncle runs a business selling caps, belts and other items on the roads and at bus stations. So my uncle offered me a job and I went. I left my house and my district and came to near Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.


There is a God who loves me and who has created me


How did you come to know Jesus?

In my uncle’s house there is a TV. Early in the morning I used to watch the news. So I happened to put on the channel with the GNU TV programme. The first day I saw it I was not willing to watch it. But the next time, my heart longed to hear it and I listened to the message for part of the programme. Then in my heart I was thinking that there is a God who loves me and who has created me. The next time I watched the full programme. So I came to know about Jesus by watching the GNU TV programme every week.  

In fact, my uncle is a believer in Jesus. So he allowed me to watch the programme. So then I began reading the Holy Bible daily and Jesus touched my heart and mind and everything changed in my life. So now I am so happy and have accepted Jesus. Now I would like to share my testimony in all the villages and share the Holy Gospel with whomever I meet and wherever I go.

 How do you feel about Jesus now?

I feel so happy now and I am so thankful for the GNU TV programme. I got the Jesus Only book too. So I read the Holy Gospel daily and Jesus makes my life happy and cheerful. I keep my whole faith in Jesus and do his work spreading the Holy Gospel. Thanks to Pr Joseph who has been encouraging me to share my testimony and the Gospel in the villages.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Feb 5, 2019

What a wonderful testimony! What our beloved brother has related is very touching. And I am convinced, concerning what our beloved brother has related, that there's a God who loves all mankind and He is the Almighty. What I have understood is that we, as human beings created by God, must put God first in our lives and to know Jesus is the only Lord.

Jimmy kollie

Feb 4, 2019

Father thank You for our brother whom has accepted You as his personal Lord and Savior, may God be your strength n hope in Jesus mighty name !

Sarah Seeboe-Neufville

Feb 4, 2019

Thank God for that touching testimony from our dear brother. May the Lord be his strength and comfort. Let's hold on to the faith, there is a great reward at the end. Praise the Lord. Sarah Seeboe-Neufville from Liberia-West Africa


Feb 3, 2019

Our Lord Jesus is so wonderful ;His works so amusing. To Him only the glory, honor and worship. Amen


Feb 3, 2019

Thank you for your testimony brother. Jesus Loves You.

Godwin Ekanem

Feb 2, 2019

Very touching. The Lord will perfect the good work He has began in your life.

Joy Ifunanya

Feb 2, 2019

Only Jesus can give joy and restore peace. Hallelujah to his name

Edward Fallah

Feb 2, 2019

Thank you Lord for that brother


Feb 2, 2019

Hallelujah,,,be blessed all the time,we must believe in God in all the time,,

Elijah Mbugua

Feb 2, 2019

There's God above all who cares about our lives he never leaves us all we need to do is to believe in Him thank you my Lord for healing that Man in Jesus name Amen.

Sam Sheka Moi

Feb 2, 2019

Jesus is the Lord of lords. He heals, protects and provides during hard time s and difficulties.

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