From Eliezer To You

Jun 19, 2015 1422

eliDear Friend,

Thanks to you, our ministry has grown so fast that I am spending more of my time responding to questions about salvation from people around the world.

We regularly receive letters from different continents, largely in response to our media broadcasts in which people testify to the joy they have found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s been said, “If you’re looking for a mission, join God’s” … and you have! Your passion to share the gospel with the lost and broken people in this world has been amazing. Because of you, people in many countries and from all walks of life are today discovering hope through Christ.

I promised to convert every dollar given to GNU into gospel messages, and that is what we are doing. Is it too little or too much? It depends on whom you ask. The average person would say that we are doing way too much with too little.

But GNU doesn’t work for the average person. We know that we will ultimately answer to God. We want him to see heaven filled with people who heard the gospel because faithful people like you made God’s own mission their mission.

Thank you for helping the Word Spread Fast!

Grace and Peace,

Senior Pastor, Good News Unlimited

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