From Murderous Gang Leader To GNU Evangelist – Gudiwada, India

Apr 26, 2018 1333

GNU India From Murderous Gang Leader To GNU Evangelist – Gudiwada India

Venkateswarallu shares his testimony.

This man’s name is Venkateswarallu. Although he was Hindu for most of his life and spent years doing very bad things, he has become a Christian. Now he wants to join the GNU evangelism team and travel with me to help spread the Holy Gospel.

Venkateswarallu was born into and brought up in a Hindu family. All his ancestors were Hindu and they were sheepherders who would travel from one place to another. They would do idol worship and feasts and offer sheep blood to their Hindu gods. So they were against Jesus and the Holy Bible. Their whole family did not allow any pastors and any Christians to conduct Gospel prayer meetings in their village.

Venkateswarallu was an alcoholic and a murderer and a gang leader. Each day he would drink and go around and fight with people. He was married but he and his wife, Subha Lakshi, had some problems and so he left her for 7 years. He would travel here and there for business and sell things such as hats, helmets, and spectacles, as well as things to do with his sheep business. With his profit he would buy daily drinks.

But one day a pastor conducted Gospel meetings and Venkateswarallu went and heard the Word of God and it transformed his way of life. Then he started praying and left everything and followed Jesus. After this, Subha Lakshi came back. Although they had not been able to have children for 9 years, when they both accepted Jesus they had a child named Keerthana.


It is Jesus’ words in the Holy Gospel that touched my heart and mind


Now Venkateswarallu lives in Gudiwada and he and his wife have been Christians for 2 years. I met him on the roadside where he was selling caps and hats. He has been watching the GNU TV programme and now he is very interested in coming with me to help spread the Gospel. I give thanks to Jesus.

Venkateswarallu says,

It is Jesus’ words in the Holy Gospel that touched my heart and mind and changed my cruel and very hard life. Now my wife and I are so happy and are reading the Bible daily. I am very interested in spreading the Holy Gospel along with Pr Joseph. I give thanks to Jesus for saving me and my family.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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