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If your prayer has been answered, then thank Jesus in the way he likes to be thanked – with praise! Your praise report is a valuable testimony and encouragement to others.

Your praise report will be shown anonymously on this website so that Christians everywhere may also praise God with you.

Please tell us about your answer to prayer story:

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Praise with Us!

“i think about 3werks ago l stumble on gnu prayer request site and l sent a request.because l was struggling in my marriage their is communcation break down.wr were passing through a seriuse crisis that we could not setttle to talk out our differences.we bark at each other.we couldnt understand howvand what to do to solve it.we always try but we were gettin no l sent this prayer to gnu.

the same day something begin to happening.we had a huge disagreement that night and l was able to bare my mind.we later settle and he said something funny he said l cannt fight you know that whatever l do l do not mean to harm you.he begged me.
since that time God is helping our communication line.when we falter He brings us back.l am so happy.GNU thank you for carrying my home and my lot in life in place of prayer before God Almighty who hears and harkens to your cry.
l praise God.praiseeeeeeeeeeee God.
l am ever grateful.
thank you God bless you all in gnu”

– AO

“I want to thank you for praying for my son. I had asked for that in the past. He has hepatitis C, the kind that up until now was in-curable.”

–  Anon

“May I request a prayer of gratitude for the unfathomable goodness of the Lord. I’m thankful to God for His amazing continuous favor and blessing on my life and that of my family. For Jesus’ Gift of life everlasting and for the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit that gives so much comfort and teaches me how to remain grateful no matter what the circumstances of life. Knowing that from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. I thank God for Dr. Desmond Ford for allowing him to establish Good News Unlimited that feeds me and multitudes the saving truth of the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers. To God be the honor and the glory forever. God bless you.”

–  Roslen