GNU “God Spots”: Word Spreads Fast on Radio

Sep 13, 2018 910

A sower went forth to sow.

“A sower went forth to sow”.


Jesus’ text makes it plain that the sower didn’t know where his seed was going to land. But
he flung it to the wind anyway.

Some seed, we’re told, landed on the path where the birds ate it, or on rocky soil, where it didn’t sprout. But other seed fell on good soil, where it grew, matured, and produced a great harvest.

This is a great parable to illustrate the way the Gospel is preached on radio and television. We know that people are listening and watching. We receive messages like those on the page opposite. But we also know that there are hundreds of thousands of people who receive these seeds of the Gospel — people we may never hear from in this life, but who will be attracted to the message of the Gospel through our broadcasts.

We record radio spots every couple of months. Most of them are short, single-message ‘spots’ about the power and beauty of the Gospel, and how it plays out in our lives. Recently, we’ve begun to record longer talks that delve further into the deeper issues of Christianity. And we’ve just committed precious resources to record some video clips that can be used on the websites of Christian radio stations, to reach more people for Christ.

We believe that God is guiding us in our strategy to reach more people at home and around the world through radio and television.

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