GNU Starts Broadcasting on TV in India

Jan 19, 2015 1904

Joseph Usala

Pr Joseph speaking at a church conference in Hyderabad, India

For the first time ever, Good News Unlimited is broadcasting the gospel through television in India. The programme, excitingly but simply called “Good News Unlimited” is being broadcast through Pravachan Christian Television in Gudiwada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. The 30 minute programme every Friday morning is presented by Pr Joseph Usala, who translates and re-preaches the messages by Des Ford, Eliezer Gonzalez, and other GNU speakers.

After the first broadcast on Friday, 16th February 2015, Pr Joseph was already contacted by many people who were delighted to hear the gospel preached on their televisions. Pr Joseph says: “Thank God and thank for GNU for supporting,for encouraging me to spread the fast Good News everywhere!”

Pr Joseph, whose ministry is growing rapidly, says that GNU “is already famous” in this region

because of the Bibles that we have been sending for the people, the gospel resources that we have made available, and because of Eliezer’s visit and meetings last year. Pr Joseph, who is a wonderful preacher is excited to be able to partner with GNU to do something that he could only ever dream about – to magnify the gospel ministry so that it reaches not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of people.

Jesus Only has been translated into the Telugu language and is awaiting printing and shipment to support GNU’s media thrust into this Hindu region. Pravachan Christian Television is a small television station, however it is a marvellous entry into India that the Lord has provided to GNU.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Jan 20, 2015

That is what we are all praying and believing and working towards! :)

kayumba David

Jan 19, 2015

Praise be to God for this development. God will see this work wrap up things and Jesus will come

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