Good News Australia 1997 Issues No. 2, 4 and 5

Nov 17, 2014 1520

Issue No. 2

1997 no 2

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  • God’s Wisdom and God’s Power by Sean Erikson
  • Gethsemane by Allan Page-Dhu
  • Awakenings by Smuts van Rooyen
  • Jesus: The Man who Lives (Book Review) by Calvin W. Edwards
  • Good News Liftout Series Number seven
  • Why Believe? The Miracle of the Book (2&3) by Dr Desmond Ford
  • Editorial by Ron Allen

Issue No. 4

1997 no 4


  • The Great Bible Swindle by Greg Clarke
  • How The Bible Was Written by Ron Allen
  • Using The Bible by Sean Erikson

Issue No. 5

1997 no 5


  • A Call To Spiritual Warefare by Kirsten Birkett
  • Trust by Mike Nelson
  • Christ – Example or Saviour by Elizabeth Price
  • Good News Liftout Series Number 10
  • The Book of the Wrestler by Dr. Desmond Ford

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