Gospel Preached Despite Opposition – Korada, India

Feb 13, 2018 11018

Gospel Preached Despite Opposition – Korada, India

Despite opposition, people gather to hear the Gospel preached.

We have held a Gospel meeting for the first time in the village of Korada, India. As a result, five people from the village have accepted Jesus into their lives.

The people in Korada are very, very black caste [Eliezer’s note: This is the local term, referring to a very low caste]. They are a fishing community and many people leave to go fishing early in the morning and come back in the evening around 6pm. Many men in the village are alcoholics, so most of the families have no peace or happiness. Their daily life consists of working, eating and drinking, and sleeping.

God led us to spread the holy Gospel in Korada and so we went and organised a Gospel meeting. At the beginning of the meeting there was a problem with an alcoholic from the village who tried to stop the Gospel being preached. He scolded the people who came and listened, and he asked us “Who told you to come to the village and conduct a Gospel meeting?” and “Why are you conducting this meeting to convert people from Hinduism to Christianity?”


We didn’t argue with him but we prayed


For more than 15 minutes he was disturbing us as well as the people who were at the meeting. We didn’t argue with him but we prayed. At last some elders of the village came forward and took him out and slowly he went away on his own. So God helped us to hold the Gospel meeting in this village.

Many women and a few men came to the meeting and accepted Jesus into their lives.

Sarojana was a Hindu woman and she has had so many problems with her family. So with great faith she came to the Gospel meeting and listened to the Word of God. After that, she accepted Jesus into her life. She says,

My life has changed through this Gospel meeting. I am so happy and give thanks to God for bringing me here.


While she was in the meeting, her husband showed up and sat beside her


Ravanamma is a young lady who has had many problems with her husband. She came to the meeting where she heard the holy Gospel and prayed. While she was in the meeting, her husband showed up and sat beside her. After the meeting both of them came and accepted Jesus. They now have a peaceful life with one another. She says,

It is God who led me to attend the Gospel meeting and I am so happy and my husband is happy too. I give thanks to Jesus.

Saul Raj also came to the Gospel meeting. He says,

This is the first time a Gospel meeting like this has been conducted in my village. I have accepted Jesus before but have not been living faithfully for God. So by attending this Gospel meeting I have decided to be faithful to God and live my life according the to holy Gospel. I give thanks to Jesus.  

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Jul 22, 2018

Hello Greig. I will find out for you. Grace and peace, Eliezer


Jul 21, 2018

I only just read this story, is their any more about Ma-dussa?


Jul 19, 2018

It's very interesting to see some people being saved, hallelujah Jesus Christ came for all races and He will come to take those who believed Him. May God bless this ministry to be preached to the rest of the world.


Jul 16, 2018

We really appreciate what you are doing to spread the God's word around the world! May God bless you!I'm glad to see the Hindus got salvation of Christ.


Jul 15, 2018

Truly ur populating heaven.Kindly come to my place in India.Karnataka state.pl be in touch. [email protected]

Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 13, 2018

Thank you for sharing this with us, Harris. I have pass this on to our team of Prayer Warriors. Grace and peace – Eliezer

Brother Harris Doleh

Mar 12, 2018

Testimony: I am Harris a minister of the gospel of Christ living in the city of Conakry Guinea a Muslim nation in West Africa, the republic of Guinea. We have tried to preach the gospel in various community around town few Muslims have seen the truth in the gospel and try to repent. one of them a girl of age 23 call Ma-dussu, how had accepted Christ and want to be baptized by the Church, Ma-dussu because of this her mother have pull a hot boiling water on her back leaving her with a serious wound and the Church is now even afraid of her losing her life if we continued to press forward with her salvation, reason being is we don't have the means of relocking her from her Muslim nation Guinea that's one and tow have only render her some financial assistant for her medical fees , so there are different levels of challenges we face but at the end our focus and prayer is the name of the Lord to be glorified. May we all joined Ma- dussu in prayer as she is going through serious pain's for the name of Christ.

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