Gospel TV Builds Up God’s Family One Life At A Time – India

Nov 17, 2016 1333

Gospel TV Helps To Build Up God’s Family One Life At A Time – India

Pastors and new believers join together to worship. Notice the man with the drum on the left? That’s the worship band!

At the same time each week Sudhkar Rao and his family gather around the TV to watch GNU’s Gospel TV show. In another home Ravi Ranga sits and watches the same programme, the one that first introduced him to Jesus.

In many other homes in the southern India people turn on the TV and listen to the Gospel preached. Some of these people are pastors seeking to grow in their faith, while others are former Hindu families hungry to learn more about God’s grace and love. There are also the channel surfers who stop and listen when they come across a message that shines hope into their lives.

Some of these people had a chance to meet at a recent Gospel meeting at the Good News Children Care Centre in Nandiwada, India. What a powerful experience for those who had never joined a Christian gathering before!

GNU pastors from surrounding villages came, and they mingled with new Christians, some of whom had been worshipping as Hindus only weeks before. At this meeting, five new pastors also committed themselves to joining the group of pastors volunteering on behalf of GNU, passionate about sharing the Good News!

Long time believers encouraged those new in the faith. In the tradition of the early Christians, they met together, not only hearing the Word and praying, but also sharing a meal, and supporting each other in their walk with God. Here is what three of the new converts to Christ had to say:

Sudhkar Rao:

This is the very first meeting that I have ever attended where the Gospel has been preached, and it has given me much strength to spread the holy Gospel. I have been watching the GNU TV faithfully programme every week, and even my whole family watches and is growing in the love of Jesus.

Ravi Ranga:

My whole family is Hindu but by watching the weekly GNU TV programme I have come to know more about Jesus. So under God’s leading, I have come to this Gospel meeting, and my life is being changed. I give thanks to Jesus!


Watching the weekly GNU TV programme has transformed my whole life. And now I am so happy and thankful to Jesus that for the first time, I can attend a Christian meeting.

– Ella Rodionoff

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