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Jan 19, 2015 1857

Sister Honest and her Husband, who has come to Christ through the book, "Jesus Only"

Sister Honest and her Husband, who has come to Christ through the book, “Jesus Only”

Jesus Only continues to inspire people in Uganda. Without doubt thousands of people have received Jesus only both in English and in Luganda. Some of our friends, who have walked great distances taking these books to their friends and neighbors, tell me that they are so happy to hear their friends and neighbors confessing that have found the answer to the fears and questions. Others have been told to convey a great “thank you” to the writer of Jesus Only.

Among the many blessed by GNU, the family of Honest Kukundakwe in Kampala has graciously committed itself to the gracious work of GNU and its mission of Jesus Only. From the day this book was graciously received in their home the fire that was kindled has never gone out; it keeps burning to the glory of God. Sister Honest with her husband pictured above have found great joy in this wonderful book and as a result they have organized so far five active gospel fellowships. In total these fellowships boast of 60 active gospel students committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus. In these fellowships the book Jesus Only by Des is studied chapter by chapter.

Her husband has finally surrendered to Christ…

Sister Honest has a lot to thank God for. Her husband has finally surrendered to Christ, thanks to the book Jesus Only, and both now are the promoters of the gospel of Jesus. I once visited their home while in Uganda, and I could see in sister honest a great zeal for Christ and also a spirit of gentleness in her husband and so I formed no slight doubt of what God would do with this great family.

Last year in November, Sister Honest together with her fellowships organised a mini evangelistic gospel meeting, and this is in preparation for the July 2005 week of gospel seminars which will be conducted by Pr. Eliezer Gonzalez, thanks to Good News Unlimited. Currently Sister Honest, together with her fellowships, are spreading the word fast and at the same time preparing young people for our July meetings. We are preparing other many friends to come together in July for a one week gospel event. We are estimating about 500 youths will attend if all things remain constant.

In this event we plan to distribute more Jesus Only books in English and Luganda. Please keep us in your prayers, and in your active support for the work of GNU in Uganda.

– David Kayumba   

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