Hanging on to Jesus When it Doesn’t Make Sense – Update on Jackie

May 8, 2015 1435

The life of Sister Jackie in Rwanda never ceases to be eventful. When she discovered Jesus after her terrible accident that deformed her body and imprisoned her on her bed and her wheel chair, her heart has never ceased to rejoice in Christ’s amazing grace that saves to the uttermost. For Jackie’s background story, see here.

Jackie with Sammy, who visited her last year from Brussels.

Jackie with Sammy, who visited her last year from Brussels.

Jackie lives in Rwanda and like in most countries in Africa, health care facilities are scarce and costly for most people. In spite of her terrible medical condition Jackie never complains about anything. She has come to the conclusion that her body is a mere sack which is rotting away but the real Jackie will live on because she has Jesus.

For many years she has received some help from her loving parents and the Muslim friends of her family since she comes from a Muslim family. Her parents have long ago decided to give her freedom to follow Jesus.

Recently the Muslim friends who have hitherto been providing some contribution to her daily medical needs have become upset by the news that Jackie has decided to follow Christ and she is actually preaching Christ everyday to whoever visits her.

As a consequence these aid providers have withdrawn their help. Jackie, after expressing her gratitude to these people, made it clear that her decision for Christ can never be shaken by life situations.

She is right. Kindness should not be conditional. But in this world, the reality of things makes her choice seem foolish. Her confidence and determination can drive anyone to tears, and to the conclusion that Jesus is the only reality.

In her hardship, her joy has multiplied even more, and she will not be hanging on Christ desperately but joyfully.

Jackie has been sharing the book Jesus Only to many, and very soon we shall be taking to her more books to share with the many who come to see her, since Good News Unlimited has just printed more of these books for the people of Africa.

She is a great minister of the Gospel in her Muslim community and to so many people who have come to know her.

Jackie has brothers and sisters all over the world who share the joy and hope we have in Jesus. I am sure Jackie needs my prayers and your prayers, but I am very sure I need to share her tangible needs, so that she can continue to live in this world and raise her voice in praise and in sharing Christ. For I need to still hear her voice, and I still need to see people visiting her. Let us keep her in our mind each time we are in good health and each time we are in bad health.

David Kayumba

Euro–African Evangelism Coordinator




David Kayumba


Euro-Africa Evangelism Coordinator

Good News Unlimited

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