He loves even me – Marie French, Cooranbong, Australia

Mar 28, 2013 1419

By Marie French

Cooranbong, Australia

I grew up in a different world -a world with no Christian family members, no religious family. My parents were typical Australian styles – drinkers! I heard them fight many times, and vomit after drinking. There was no indication that anyone loved me – but I guess that they did.

Strangely, I remember walking on the road one morning, about the age of 9 and I looked behind my shoulder …..”Is that God next to me??….how weird!!”

When I turned 10 we moved to a different town and I had a new feeling – “Why don’t I go to Sunday School at the Methodist Church??” My parents never commented, but I felt they thought I was very strange! I decided to go.

The church leader often called us young kids to come up the front and give our hearts to God. Many did, I just stepped outside and walked home…thinking..”Why won’t I do as I am told?”

One Sunday morning at church, I was 12, a hymn was sung that I remember the chorus clearly…….”Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, I am so glad that Jesus loves me, JESUS LOVES EVEN ME“!!!!!!!

It was those four words that totally HIT me by the power of God, as he picked me up from the gutter. And from that very moment I fell in love with Jesus because I realised HE loves ME.

Five years later I attended a different church. The minister was sent to me to teach me Bible studies., but I felt too pushed by him – instructing to be baptised. I pulled away from him and chose to ask God over and over “Would you please guide me”

I spent many hours alone with my Bible and eventually I felt a very strong message and at that moment I decided I would be baptised.

From my previous experience discovering Jesus’ love, as my love grew, I chose all my own decisions. I became the strange family member who would never drink alcohol, became vegetarian, went to church every weekend and tried to obey all the rules, and some had questioned me “why would you go to such a strange church!!”

As I lived the rest of my life in the church system – I still loved God and wanted to be in His style – BUT – was so strongly lectured – you can’t do this – you can’t do that – or you will go to hell!!!

Decline your family activities when you should be at church!!

In that system I neglected my family SO Many times!

Only a few years ago, recently, on New Years Eve, I thought mmmmm,” What could me resolution be?” then a thought hit me solidly – “God,  would you reveal more of yourself to me?”

A few weeks later I started to read a new book and I thought “oh, I know about God’s love!!, this is a waste”. Then a voice spoke into my mind “Keep reading!!”

After a couple of chapters I suddenly remembered my New Years Resolution request. I was blown off the planet, my passion for Jesus has increased ENORMOUSLY from that book. The basic news was – be the person God made you to be – not what others demand – our love for others, for God, our choices of life, GROW when we totally experience how much HE loves us!
My Jesus is my strongest passion, to share Him constantly!!!!


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