Helping the Sick and Preaching the Good News – Moturu, India

Apr 26, 2017 1654

Dr Audithys addresses the medical needs of the poor and the elderly

Dr Audithys addresses the medical needs of the poor and the elderly.

A medical camp has recently been held in the village of Moturu, India, attracting the elderly, sick and the poorest of the poor. Pr Joseph and the GNU evangelism team, including newest addition Dr Audithys, helped those needing medical care, and took the opportunity to preach the Gospel to them.

Pr Joseph and the GNU evangelism team were thinking of ways that they could spread the Gospel and help the people of remote villages. The idea for a medical camp in Moturu came up, and soon Pr Joseph, Dr Audithys and the team travelled to the village. A hospital superintendent, Dr Audithys has recently halved his work hours so he can travel to remote villages and join in the work of the Gospel. Now he is using his skills to share the Good News through both his words and actions.

In Moturu, people quickly started arriving for the medical camp. It attracted the poorest of the poor, those who would not normally have any access to medical care. Soon the hall was filled with the sick and the elderly. Those who came received free medicines, which they received with great joy, as they never would have been able to afford them.

While in the village, they also preached the Gospel, following Jesus’ example of both helping the sick and preaching the Good News. The medical camp went successfully, and they plan to go to more remote villages to do the same thing.

Mr. Naresemarao, a man from Motutu, says,

It is a very, very helpful and useful medical camp and Gospel meeting. Through the Gospel meeting I came to know about Jesus and through the medical camp my leg pain has gone. Thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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