Hey! Who Are You Talking To?

Jan 22, 2015 3062

I will not talk to myselfI have a secret to share with you about myself.

I talk to myself.

It’s like that joke…

One day, Bob and Fred were walking together then Bob started talking to himself…

Fred: People will think you’re crazy if you keep talking to yourself.

Bob: Hey! I’m not crazy!

Fred: Oh, I wasn’t talking to you…

The truth is that most people do it. Some people talk to themselves at least on an hourly basis. Other people talk to themselves once a day. I know that I talk to myself in the shower. That’s not such a bad thing. Between talking or singing in the shower, I know that the neighbours would prefer!

But there is hope for those of us who talk to ourselves. Some recent studies reveal that the seemingly irrational act of talking to yourself actually improves cognitive function. Apparently it helps with focusing and sequencing and the completion of tasks. It is during infancy, when people are learning the most, that they also talk to themselves the most.

Some people think that people who pray are just talking to themselves. Some people are willing to grant that prayer might be beneficial – kind of like personal self-talk and motivation. Other people think that if you pray, you must be crazy – that you are just like talking to yourself.

1 John 5:15 says that “we know that [God] listens to whatever we ask.”

Who are you talking to when you pray? You are talking to God.

When you talk to God in prayer, He is more real than the last person you spoke to. He is closer to you than any mother, father, sister, or brother. And he listens to whatever we ask.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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