Homeless School Dropout Finds a Home in the Family of God, Nanyuki, Kenya

Sep 30, 2016 1578


Phineas didn’t go looking for Jesus; Jesus found him!

Phineas, a 21-year old, had been living in the streets of Nanyuki, Kenya, with other homeless people, specifically at Nanyuki Central Park, before he met Jesus at that very site.

He had gone looking for greener pastures after dropping out of school, following a family feud that tore his family apart. He landed in the hands of a Muslim woman who promised him a better life if he converted to Islam. But life at the home of the Muslim lady turned out to not be very accommodating, and so Phineas found himself homeless again.

He was living with other homeless people in Nanyuki Central Park, when one day GNU’s Grace Revolution Crusade started right there at that same park. Since he was right there, Phineas started listening.

On Sunday, the final day of the crusade, GNU’s preacher told the story of the prodigal son, bringing out clearly the sufferings that he underwent in the far country. Phineas clearly identified himself with the prodigal son. When the altar call came, Phineas was among the people who boldly walked to the front to give their lives to Jesus, to come back home to his heavenly Father.

Phineas is now living in a church compound, eating with the sons and daughters of God, courtesy of good Samaritans in the local church community. As if that wasn’t enough, the church has also decided to sponsor his high school education, and now he is a full time student.

Phineas had been on the brink of committing suicide. But now he is a changed man and is dedicated to serving God and helping other destitute young men find a meaningful Christian life. He says,

I thank God for the Grace Revolution Crusade run by GNU and the church. It saved my entire life.

The Grace Revolution Crusade was conducted in partnership with the African Inland Church, in August 2016.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo


Like this man, Phineas was homeless.

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