How a Muslim Went from Ridicule to Belief

Aug 31, 2015 1385

man readingHasim* used to ridicule the faith of Christians in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour… but not any more!

At a meeting of a gospel fellowship in Belgium, Sammy brought up the topic of the book Jesus Only, and this young Muslim man ridiculed it. However Sammy gave him a kind response that went straight to Hasim’s heart.

Sammy told him that Jesus receives everyone and because he has received us, we too open the door for everyone to share the blessing of belonging to our great King.

As a result Hasim requested asked if he could have a copy of Des Ford’s book, Jesus Only. He then disappeared for weeks, and Sammy wondered what had happened to him.

But then Hasim returned to the weekly fellowship and made a special request. He said that he had been studying the book Jesus Only very carefully. He requested that we read the book Jesus Only word for word together and discus every line.

We thanked him for that request and started right away to read it in our meetings until we finish. At the end of that meeting we prayed with Hasim.

Hasim has fund peace and hope in every chapter of the book Jesus Only. He has understood why Jesus lived and died, and he has seen the difference that Jesus is making in his life.

Hasim, a refugee, has found a special friend in Jesus, and is now started sharing the gospel with some of his colleagues.

– David Kayumba, Brussels

* Hasim is not his real name. He requested that his name be changed and his photo not be used for the purpose of online publication since he fears persecution from some of those of his former faith.

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