How An “Untouchable” Homeless Woman Found a Home, a Family, and a Place to Belong

Dec 28, 2020 1447

How An “Untouchable” Homeless Woman Found a Home, a Family, and a Place to Belong
“It is Jesus who changed my life”

This woman’s name is Bhayama. She was born into a tribal class that lived away from society and she had been staying in the tribal forest area. There were a few families in the tribal forest places. Their main work and occupation was hunting animals to eat and to sell the skin of the animals. So since birth she had been doing the same work along with her family.

When she grew up, she married a man who was from the same tribe and they lived together in the forest. But she did not have any children. And she was helping her husband and living.

One day she and her husband went to town to sell animal skins to get money to build a hut to live in in the forest. When they were at the town she and her husband had a fight due to their money problem. Her husband was an alcoholic and he was daily drinking and not caring for her. So her husband took the money they got for selling the skin of the animals and ran away somewhere.

So she left alone in the town and she did not know what to do. She started walking and ended up at the nearby village of Bhushana. She arrived at the village when it was dark and she stayed and slept that night in an open place where she could sleep for the night. So the next day she got up and started begging for food.

She is so happy in Christ Jesus. 

In that village there was an elderly woman who was believer of Jesus and was living alone. She asked Bhayama about the details of her life and everything. So the elderly woman asked Bhayama to stay with her at her house. Then she stayed.

So slowly this elderly woman started sharing with Bhayama about Jesus and they started praying together. After a few years Bhayama got married in that village and had a son. She is so happy and the elderly woman who shared with her about Jesus watches our weekly GNU TV Programme.

So Bhayama also accepted Jesus into her life and she has been living with her husband and son. She is so happy in Christ Jesus.

She says,

It is Jesus who changed my life in the village. Because of the elderly woman who shared about Jesus I accepted Jesus into my life and I and my husband and son are so happy in Christ. My tribal life has changed and now I live with villagers. I go to prayer meetings to listen to the Word of God. Thanks to Jesus for changing my life.

– Pr Jospeh Usala

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