How Babu Rao Got His Job Back – A.B. Nagar, India

May 5, 2017 1519

How Babu Rao Got His Job Back

Babu Rao shares his testimony of how Jesus has completely changed his life.

Pr Joseph Usala travels from village to village sharing the Good News, with the people, many of whom have never heard of Jesus before. Among his team is a new addition, a man named Babu Rao, who shares his testimony with the people.

As a young man, Babu Rao was a police officer, and he looked forward to a long career. But his growing alcohol addiction soon overtook his life, and although he tried not to let it impact his work, that proved impossible. He lost his job, and his career aspirations were in ruins. He pleaded with his supervisors to have his job back, promising to do better next time. He tried for years to regain his job, even approaching politicians and other influential figures. But for Bau Rao, there were no more chances.

Thirteen years later, Babu Rao was still working as a laborer. He was still addicted to alcohol, and is regretting the path his life had taken. But he couldn’t shake his addiction, and he couldn’t undo the past.

It was at this hopeless time in his life that he was first introduced to Jesus. His grandmother had just accepted Jesus into her life through the ministry of GNU, and she shared her new faith with him. As he listened to her, the message touched his heart, and he gave his life to Jesus. He stopped drinking alcohol and began reading the Bible and praying daily. His life as a labourer continued, but he had a new reason for living.

One day Babu Rao was sitting in front of the TV, channel surfing. He came across the GNU TV programme, and he was overwhelmed with joy that the Gospel is being spread, and he is filled with a desire to join in this work. Immediately he called Pr Joseph, the programme’s host, from then on, he and his wife began travelling with Pr Joseph to remote villages to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it.

Finally… Babu Rao Gets His Job Back!

The Gospel changes lives – in expected and unexpected ways. A year after becoming a Christian, Babu Rao received a call. To his astonishment, he was offered a job as a police officer. It had been 14 years since he had lost it. This had seemed impossible, even after Pr Joseph had told the local officials that Babu Rao had become a Christian and had stopped drinking. But then, by the grace of God, when he had least expected it, he did. God had worked a double miracle in his life.

Now he divides his life between his two passions: his police work of keeping people safe, and God’s work or rescuing souls. He says,

When I was doing police work I was addicted to many things. But after I lost my job I came to know the value of life and heard about Jesus. Now I have dedicated my whole life to Jesus and I am very interested in sharing my testimony in many villages, and being a part of the GNU team with Pr Joseph who has been spreading the Gospel in and around the villages and towns in our area.

– Ella Rodionoff

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