“I Was A Very Bad Man, But Now I Have Experienced The Love of Jesus!” – Sudhar Rao, Nandiwada, India

Jan 8, 2016 1753


Sudhar Rao (R), his wife Lakshmi (L), and his daugther Rayma have accepted Jesus as their Saviour as a result of the miracle He has done in Sudhar’s life. Sudhar is holding the Bible he has received from GNU.

Sudhar Rao lives with his wife Lakshmi and daughter, Ramya, in Nandiwada, India. This is the village where the Good News Children’s Centre is being built. Through this centre, many families in the village are accepting the Gospel.

Nandiwada is a designated village of so-called “uintouchables” and is a place of great poverty and many social problems.

Sudhar Rao had been drinking daily and due to this, his family had no peace. One day Lashkmi went to Pastor Joseph and told him about their lives and their problem. So Pastor Joseph prayed for the family.

Lashkmi talked to her husband about her meeting with Pastor Joseph. Sudhar Rao then asked Pastor Joseph to come to their house and pray for his problem, which he did.

Sudhar Rao asked Pastor Joseph to conduct a prayer meeting at their house for two days. So Pastor Joseph conducted the prayer meeting and shared the Gospel to the family.

After Two Days of Prayer, Sudhar Rao Stopped drinking…

After these two days of prayer, Sudhar Rao stopped drinking. He accepted the Gospel and Jesus into his life. He began praying and daily reading the Bible that he received – one of several hundred Bibles sponsored by a generous friend of Good News Unlimited.

The family is continuing to learn more about the Gospel through the weekly television program that GNU broadcasts. Sudhar Rao says,

I have experienced the love of Jesus. I was a very bad man in past. But now through the Holy Gospel I have became a faithful and prayerful man. Now I am reading the Holy Bible daily and I am so happy in Christ.  When I was drinking daily I use to behave very badly with my family. They also were very, very sad about me for several years. So it is through the Gospel and the prayers of Pastor Joseph that I have changed. I give thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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