It Was News to Me

Jul 26, 2013 2081

Lowell Tarling, writer and friend of Good News Unlimited, has given us permission to share this beautiful poem today. It was written after listening to one of Des’ sermons on the cross. You can check out Lowell’s website at

The words below are the lyrics of one of the tracks in Bob Wolfgramm’s CD “Refugee” which is being re-released on 1 August by Psalter.

It Was News To Me

(Lowell Tarling)

It was news to me

It had been done

Before my birth

It had been won

It could not be earned

Before I was born

And on Jesus’ shoulders

He carried my scorn


He carried my cross in silence

I should have walked that trail

My Hands and feet have wandered

His hands and feet were nailed

My head has been turned

His crowned with thorns

And he died for my failures

Before I was born


It was news to me

Born at a cost

We were all found

When Christ was lost

And sometimes I hear

‘God is dead’

But the death of my God

Makes me bow my head


(Romans 5: 6-10)


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