Jayakumar Learns To Share The Gospel

Oct 15, 2015 1500


Jayakumar is starting to share the gospel and to help Pr Joseph with the ministry.

Brother Jayakumar has brought a new dimension to GNU’s Gospel work in Andhra Pradesh, India. He’s a young man with a colourful past and – thanks to God’s leading – a dynamic present.

Brought up a Roman Catholic, this 27 year old remembers going to church with his family once a year. Occasionally the family would go to pilgrim centres run by the church. Jayakumar is married, with a 7 year-old son and a 5 year-old daughter.

He drove trucks for a living for four years, and this was a time when he was happy and fulfilled. Then he became a politician. This was a difficult life, and he lost a great deal of money. He became ill and depressed, and was even hospitalised for more than a month because of his severe depression. Medication had little benefit, and he had no work.


Eliezer Gonzalez with the Good News Van.

Finally, his money was all gone, and he now had idea how he was going to support his family.

One day I went to visit him, and I invited him to come with me to my prayer meeting. I told him that this was how God would give him peace of mind. I shared my own experience with him and I shared with him about Jesus Christ.

His heart was touched, and he told me that he wanted to come along with me to the prayer meetings in whatever village they were held. Gradually, he learned to pray and sing, and praise God. Now he is learning to share the gospel himself, and sometimes he preaches to the people who come to the prayer meetings.

Jayakumar’s life has been transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. He is happy, and he has been able to stop taking his medication. His relatives helped him buy a school van, which they named the “Good News Van”.

Now we take this van to all the prayer meetings, and it has become an important part of our Gospel evangelism. I believe that God has great plans for him.

Please pray for Jayakumar and his family and for the work he is doing for God.

– Pr Joseph Usala, edited by Eliezer Gonzalez

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