“Jesus Changed Everything”: Testimonies of New Believers – Valleevarthipadu, India   

Jun 14, 2017 2110


“Jesus Changed Everything” Testimonies of New Believers – Valleevarthipadu, India

People gather to hear the Gospel preached.

GNU held a large Gospel meeting in the village of Valleevarthipadu, India. More than 500 people came to hear about Jesus, during the course of the weekend, from various parts of the Andhra Pradesh state.

It is first Gospel meeting that we have conducted there and many people came to accept Jesus into their lives. Two speakers, who travelled a long way to preach, shared the holy Gospel. It was such a wonderful and great Gospel meeting.

These are quotes from some the people who accepted Jesus:

My life has changed

Pram Kumar is a young boy who was born into a Hindu family and he came to the meeting and accepted Jesus. He said,

It is the first time that I attended a Gospel meeting and my life has changed. Thanks to Jesus.

I want to do the work of God

Nagaraju said,

I was chasing after worldly pleasures but after attending this meeting I gave it up and now I have accepted Jesus. I want to do the work of God as he calls me.

Now I am at peace

Samarajyam said,

It is a wonderful and excellent Gospel meeting. It helped me a lot to learn about the Gospel and the preaching of Jesus. My whole life has been changed by this meeting and now I am at peace.

God led me to this meeting

Ratnamma said,

I have never been to a Gospel meeting and it is God who has led me to attend. From this meeting I came to know about Jesus’ preaching and teaching and I confessed all my sins and accepted Jesus in my life. Thanks to Jesus.

Jesus touched my life and changed everything

Madhuram said,

I am so happy and glad about this Gospel meeting. I had been doing idol worship passed down from my ancestors. I had never heard about Jesus. But through this meeting I came to know about Jesus and he touched my life and changed everything. Thanks to Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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