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Sep 6, 2015 4167

Jesus in RevelationMy friends, if you will read about Jesus in the book of Revelation, you will say with the hymn writer, “Thou, Christ, are all I want, more than all in thee I find.”

The whole history of the church (it was future when the book was written) is told in terms of Christ’s own experience – he who preached for 1260 days and then was put to death and then was resurrected to heaven ascension, that’s the way the story of the church is told in the chapters of this book, particularly in chapter 11.

Revelation speaks of the church presenting the message of the Old and New Testament for 3 1/2 years and then being put to death and after 3 days in the tomb, being resurrected and ascending to glory, and at the same time the veil in heaven opening and the most holy place being seen, the ark revealed.

You see, the whole story of the church is told in the stories of its head, Jesus Christ. Even the picture of antichrist in the book of Revelation is modelled as a parody of Christ. We read about antichrist that he was, is not, yet is and shall yet appear. That’s modelled on Christ who was, during the days of his flesh; was not, in death; and then appeared again rising up out of the pit of death.

Christ is the Alpha and Omega of time and life and salvation. My friends, let me ask you, is he that to you? Do we realize what this world would be like without Christ? Have we ever stopped to think of what would happen if all the influence of the Gospels was suddenly removed from the world. Is Christ everything to you, my friend?

My friend, the visions at Patmos – the book of Revelation – are not meant to make us wise about every detail of the future but they are meant to tell us that the Lamb of God who is coming soon to judge the world has forgiven all our sins at Calvary and if we believe, they will not be held against us in the great judgment day.

And so I ask you, do you believe in Christ? Believe today, for he says, “‘All manner of shall be forgiven unto men and he that cometh wise cast out.”

– Des Ford ­­– Adapted from, “The Vision of Patmos – Part 2.”

Tony Weathers

Aug 31, 2017


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