Jesus Loves My Disabled Son! – Andhra Pradesh, India

Nov 25, 2015 1357


Pr Joseph prays for Sive

Sive is a young Hindu man who was born mentally impaired in Andhra Pradesh, India. The family heard about Pastor Joseph’s Gospel meetings and began attending about four months ago. They have accepted Jesus into their lives, and have begun to pray and read the Bible every day. Their lives have been changed—in more ways than they could have imagined.

My son is now able to understand and think by himself…

Sive’s mother takes up the story:

My son is now able to understand and think by himself and do some tasks by himself. Previously, we had to do everything for him, but now he can do these things for himself. We know that it is because Jesus has given him new strength and ability. We are so thankful to Jesus for this marvelous work he has done in our family. And we are thankful to Pastor Joseph for the great help and encouragement he has given to us.

– Joseph Usala

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