Jesus Only Radio Inspires, Awakens Faith – Kigali, Rwanda

May 18, 2016 1423


Claudine and Emma spend time together in the gospel.

In Rwanda, Good News continues to spread fast through the ministry of Evangelist Emma’s Jesus Only radio programme! Emma was invited to Kigali Town after one woman had tuned into the radio programme and called Emma directly. She quickly arranged a morning meeting of prayer and teaching.  On 17 May, Emma shared how Jesus is all we need, and she testifies the following:

At the end of the morning prayer, a lady named Claudine requested to speak with me. We went to a nearby coffee shop, and she told me how she is inspired so much by the Jesus Only message and asked to join me in this mission.

Claudine explained to Emma that she is attentive to the small, still voice inside that prompts her to step forward and do the same which Jesus commanded of his disciples. She has a desire deep within to share the gospel message now as well.

Emma says that the small group is very excited to learn more:

They invited me to come back on 20th May 2016, so I will go and share the gospel with them once again.

Emma also plans to meet with Claudine again soon and continue to dive into the gospel.

– Laura Stewart


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