Jesus Saves Couple from Motorbike Accident – Nagavarapadu, India

Apr 26, 2017 1670

"Jesus saved me and my wife."

“Jesus saved me and my wife.”

Joseph and Janakhee, a couple from the village of Nagavarapadu, India were involved in a motorbike accident that they miraculously survived. As nominal Christians, they knew Jesus had saved them. Their search for more knowledge of him led them to the GNU TV programme, where they discovered the truth and joy of the Gospel.

Joseph was raised in a Christian home, but never really understood the truth of the Gospel. He was overall not satisfied in his life, or his Christian experience, and felt overwhelmed by the problems he faced in his job and life in general. Then came the accident that changed everything.

The journey on their motorbike started like any other for Joseph and Janakhee on the day of the accident. But while travelling along a section of the road known for being dangerous and filled with traffic, a dog ran across the street and hit the front of the bike. They crashed, and both of them were badly injured. Two accidents had happened at the same place in the same way before this, and the victims had died. Joseph and Janakhee believed that their miraculous survival was thanks to Jesus.

So, with a desire to know more about Jesus, they started searching for a better understanding of him. It was when they unwittingly stumbled across the GNU TV programme that they felt they had finally found the answers they were seeking. As they listened, the truth of the Gospel made sense for the first time. Not only had Jesus saved them from the accident, but from their sins as well.

Excited by what they learned, they contacted the programme’s host, Pr Joseph, and organised to meet him and share their story. Pr Joseph prayed with them, and gave them their own copy of the Bible. They now regularly read their Bible, pray and continue to watch the programme, delighted to have found peace and joy in Jesus.

Joseph says,

I was born into a family that practised Christianity, but the rituals did not mean anything to me. Looking back, I believe I needed to understand what the Gospel truly meant. Through the accident I came to see how Jesus saved me and my wife. Then I started watching GNU TV programme and then reading the holy Bible. So now I am so happy and I pray daily. Thanks to Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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